Sources: No Visitors Backstage at The Royal Rumble

William RamseyContributor IIFebruary 1, 2010

WWE apparently made an all out effort to keep Edge's return quiet and not spoil it much like Cena's return at the Garden two years ago.

In a move that paralleled Cena's return from a couple years ago, Edge entered late in the Rumble after returning from a major injury to win it all.  He ironically eliminated Cena last to win the Royal Rumble Match.

Throughout the day, various people tweeted and texted that they were denied access to the backstage area to keep the environment more professional and businesslike.

It would seem though that the WWE restricted the backstage area to keep spoilers from leaking out online and ruining it for the rest of the public. 

The veil of secrecy has a little "touch of old school" which yours truly was a big fan of.