Sebastien Bourdais' Toro Rosso Future Uncertain

James DunfordCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Sebastien Bourdais has revealed that he does not have a clue what his plans are for the 2009 motorsport season. The Toro Rosso driver has gotten two points so far this season, but has been under the shadow of his German teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Bourdais has won the Champ car series four times in America, and apart form a few moments of inspiration—such as in Australia, when he scored two points even though his engine failed—he has not had the best of seasons.

Speaking to ITV, Bourdais commented "Obviously if you start looking at this then you can get worried, so there are two attitudes to this. You can completely disregard it, which is pretty much the approach I choose to adopt—after all, we've only had eight races so we're not even mid-season yet.

"I can't really say I feel that I've shown what I wanted to show this year so far. What happen will happen. I'm kind of a free man. If I get fired because of this or because of that, then so be it. What's really important for me is that I give my best. And I am giving my best, even if it's not paying off right now.

"But you can only influence so many parameters, so I will have no regrets, that's for sure. I'm doing the very best I can, and if it's not enough in some people's opinion then fine. Right now I'm focused on 2008. I can only hope I'll be able to show what I can do with a car that has slick tires."

Bourdais' future is very uncertain at the moment, especially with the Torro Rosso team up for sale, and young drivers such as Brendon Hartley (who won both races in the Formula 3 last weekend) snapping at his heals waiting for the opportunity.