Who Will Win The Super Bowl?

Twins HinesCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2010

Super Bowl Prediction


The Super Bowl is coming up February 7th 2009. The flying Indianapolis face the rolling New Orleans Saints. The Indianapolis Colts beat the New York Jets 30-17, the Colts are the best in the league with one of the best quarterbacks of all-time Peyton Manning. The New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings 31-28, in overtime when the whole game both teams weren’t in top form. Now the Super Bowl has come down to two teams, the two best quarterbacks, 


Drew Brees and the Saints vs. Peyton Manning and the Colts


The offense of the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are ran by strong quarterbacks: Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. The Saints tend to run the ball a little bit more than the Colts do but both teams rely on their passing game so much. The rushing game on both sides of the ball is not top notch because they aren’t explosive runners instead they are just short distance runners. The running team on the Colts (in the postseason) only averages 2.9 yards and on the Saints (in the post season) only averages 4.2 yards. The Saints can get the longer distance even though they haven’t been successful in the postseason with Reggie Bush getting the longest distance with 46 yards. The Colts longest run in the postseason is 17 yards that Joseph Addai got. The Colts lack the ability to make big plays with there running game and that will make them go from a double threat to just a threat. The Saints do have the double threat because the running game can make huge plays when they need to. That’s where the offense is going to be challenged to score on every chance they have. Both teams can’t get into the red zone and not score a touchdown because then that will haunt them at the end of the game. Field goal kickers have to make sure they get those three points every time they try to kick the ball because that will change the game. But if the kicker does miss a field goal you can’t give him an attitude because then he lose confidents and misses another field goal. In football, every point counts, don’t mess with the kicker! The Colts and Saints are in the battle of the quarterbacks, even though Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in history, Drew Brees can surprise you though. Peyton Manning knows how to change plays on the spot while Drew Brees sticks with the plays even if they don’t work out right. Peyton Manning also has the experience in the Super Bowl and Drew Brees does not, it’s not at home, it’s on the road. So the atmosphere and the field will be different. 

Better Offense: Colts


The defense is different because it’s who can stop the opposing team. Who can not give up the big plays that make such an impact on these games. Who can stop the team in the red zone and instead of giving up 7 points, give up 3. Better yet who can take the stuffing out of the quarterback/ wide receiver/ running back forcing a fumble or an interception. The defense will be the deciding factor in this game and the favorable defense is the Colts. The defense for the Colts and the Saints both have one sack and three interceptions. The Colts defense does not allow a ton of points to go by but the Saints defense does give up a few more points then they want. The Saints need to stop Peyton and the Colts because the Colts have the ability to explode off a catch. The Colts defense has only giving up at the most 17 points against the Jets. The New York Jets defense did start to explode in the end of the season and they looked like they could win. But the Colts did silence that hope by taking control of the game the whole entire time. The Saints struggled to beat the Minnesota Vikings. The Saints defense gives up almost 400 yards a game, the Arizona Cardinals managed to get 359 yards and the Minnesota Vikings managed to get 475 yards. The Saints defense did stop the Viking from getting touchdowns though, the Vikings got a lot of field goals but those points add up. The Colts let the Baltimore Ravens get 270 yards and the New York Jets got 388 yards against the Colts. The Colts can just stop the team more than the Saints can.

Better Defense: Colts


The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are playing against each other in the Super Bowl. The Colts will win because they are just better all around and they can do more with less yards. The Saints need a ton of yards, they also create too many stupid penalties. It’s going to take one more year until the Saints are good enough to win the Super Bowl.