Out of Bounds on Planet Ill, 1/31/2010

Rahsaan HuntContributor IJanuary 31, 2010

Howdy sports fans, we’re back for another week of Out of Bounds here on Planet Ill. It’s been a busy week in the world of sports, so I have a few things that stood out in my eyes I wanna share with yall. With Super Bowl XLIV just a week away, I figured I would go a little light this weekend and save all of my energy for the week and rest the old bones a lil as we head into Super Bowl.

So on today’s plate, we’re gonna look back at highlights from last weekend’s Championship games. Bid farewell to warrior in not only the NFL’s, but in God’s army. Take a look at a big upset in the world of College Basketball that received “presidential” treatment, and the 2010 Tennis season begins with big wins at the Aussie Open.

First off, let’s look at last week’s Championship Sunday. When we last talked about football, I gave you guys my picks for the Super Bowl. Well we see how that worked out. The New York Jets had the game in their hands in the 1st half and looked out of sync in the 2nd half. Peyton Manning was just who we thought he was, the best QB in the league and the league’s MVP. You can’t argue how good he is and you gottta give the man, as well as the Indianapolis Colts, their props.

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