Are You Ready To Rumble? A WWE Royal Rumble Preview!

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  (L-R) Wrestlers Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes appear during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The road to Wrestlemania starts now! With the Royal Rumble coming up the most interesting question for wrestling fans is who will win that trip to the main event at Wrestlemania. There are also a few good matches on the card other than the Royal Rumble match itself. That and more can all be previewed right here and right now. See who to bet your money on or what you can trash me for getting wrong, ha. Anyway let’s start this Royal Rumble preview! 

WWE Championship: Randy Orton v. Sheamus(c) 

“Randy Orton strikes again!” 

Indeed he does, Randy Orton has gotten himself back in the titles picture. Now that John Cena is no longer champion, The Viper is coiled to strike and once again have gold on his shoulder. It shouldn’t be a tough task as his opponent is exactly the most challenging to beat or the most credible champion for that matter. 

The New WWE Champion, Sheamus will have his first PPV title defense when he puts his title on the line against Randy Orton. Sheamus is the man who basically came out of nowhere and went to capture the WWE Championship in one of the biggest upsets and shockers in recent memory. Although I still question WWE’s train of thought for this they are the creative team and I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll get the title off of this guy before Wrestlemania 26. 

Another thing to take into mind about this match is it’s heel vs. heel! That doesn’t really happen too much anymore. Usually we get the basic hero v. villain idea, but not this time. This time you pick your lesser evil and cheer for one of the heels. So far Randy is receiving most of the pops, no shock there really. 

Can we get some help? 

A big factor in this matchup should be Orton’s stablemates, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Particularly Ted DiBiase should play a huge role in this matchup. Considering what everyone is saying about Teddy turning face at the Royal Rumble PPV his presence will indeed be felt! 

Predicted Result: Randy Orton def. Sheamus via DQ(Sheamus retains) 

Yes, I said it. I think DiBiase will somehow screw Randy Orton out of the win. Maybe when he comes in there to aid Randy Orton he accidently costs him the match. Something of the sort should happen. The only reason I’m saying this is because I do not see Ted DiBiase winning the Rumble despite popular belief from the WWE universe and the IWC. 

Predicted Match Rating: 4 stars 

ECW Championship: Christian(c) v. Ezekiel Jackson 

The mutiny in Christian’s kingdom continues! Many have tried to take out Captain Charisma and take the beautiful belt around his waist from him. The likes of William Regal, Shelton Benjamin and others have tried and failed. Next challenger, Ezekiel Jackson. 

Now Christian has been an almost unstoppable champion, he has survived quite some time with the platinum belt around his waist. However looking at how long he’s been champion isn’t it time for change? Isn’t it about time we get a new leader out of ECW? 

Well Ezekiel might as well be the man. He is built like a beast he and basically screams dominance when he steps in the ring with, well anybody. 

Last ECW he sent a direct message to Christian. First proclaiming he would indeed be the New ECW Champion. Then backing it up in a tag team matchup when he actually pinned the ECW Champion. You gotta think about it like this, if he pinned him then there should be no reason he can’t do the same thing at Royal Rumble. If he could pin him there, the same thing might just happen at Royal Rumble. I think he has a great chance of taking over what’s left of ECW. 

Who’s that out of the crowd? 

An x factor in this match should be the man Ezekiel Jackson has aligned himself with, William Regal. Regal got multiple chances at the ECW Championship only to fail every single time! Now his BIG buddy gets a shot at the title. After all those times he lost don’t you think he would want Ezekiel to win the title so he can get some revenge on Christian? I think you all know the answer. 

Predicted Result: Ezekiel Jackson def. Christian to become the New ECW Champion 

Yes I am going to bet on the big man, rather than the current champion. I think Christian will is going to be moved this upcoming WWE Draft to a bigger brand to be used “properly.” So now would be a good time to get the belt off of him and pass it on to another superstar on the brand. Although I prefer Shelton Benjamin(this goes out to my buddy Albert Dankwa) this wouldn’t be bad either. Shelton could possibly pick it up later down the line. 

Predicted Match Rating: 3 and 1/2 stars 

World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker(c) v. Rey Mysterio 

It looks like Rey Mysterio is going to be the next victim of the unstoppable force known as The Undertaker. This match is an interesting thing really, both men have been built up in ways that the chances of either one winning is pretty good. 

On one side, Undertaker has been built up as I have previously mentioned before, an unstoppable force. He is the World Heavyweight Champion and he is the man everyone fears on the brand. He took out all challengers to his title since beating CM Punk for the title. He is a force of nature that should not be tangled with, but some are brave enough to step up to the plate. For those, I feel sorry for ya. 

Then you have Rey Mysterio on the other hand. He has been built up as the ultimate underdog as usual, defying the odds again and again. He and Batista kept battling it out until Rey finally took out the altered animal(as Todd and Matt would call him). That was a huge upset and if you notice the Royal Rumble commercials on TV a lot of hype has been built up to Rey defying odds. 

However when it comes to the actual shows recently Rey has not faired too well. A week ago he got a big spinebuster from the Animal, Dave Batista on a hit and run. This week? He and Shawn Michaels got double choke slammed by Rey’s opponent at the Rumble, The Undertaker. 


This match with any luck will stay clean. I don’t see anybody like Batista, HBK, or whoever getting involved since they will have their minds on the Royal Rumble. 

Predicted Result: Undertaker def. Rey Mysterio to retain World Heavyweight Championship 

Undertaker will remain unstoppable and the ultimate underdog will be defeated. The only time I can actually see Undertaker dropping the belt is at No Way Out Elimination Chamber. 

Predicted Match Rating: 5 stars 

Women’s Championship: Michelle McCool(c) v. Mickie James 

Aw, look at that little piggy! Oh wait, that’s Mickie James. 

That has been the storyline flowing around Mickie James recently in her feud with Michelle McCool. The feud has had everything. From cheesy piggy songs, to lousy remarks, to a woman the size of a mammoth helping them throw cake in Mickie’s face. Oh and let’s not forget that boring speech, while somewhat touching it was indeed a waste of time. 

Basically the feud has had it’s ups and it’s major downs. 

Could it finally be time for Mickie James to get her revenge on Michelle McCool? Or will McCool continue her torture towards Mickie James? 

Well let’s look at it this way. What has Mickie James done recently? Well there was that time, oh no, McCool embarrassed her there. Well there was when, no she got beat up there, and… 

You see what I mean? The odds do not favour her one bit. All she has going is the revenge angle. 

Also keep in mind who Michelle has going for her. You know that 7 foot guy who is said to be a phenom. Catch my drift, ever since the whole Undertaker/McCool thing has been happening she hasn’t been stopped. What makes you think Mickie will be any different than the rest? 

Who’s that chick with the ass? 

And how about McCool’s little follower, Layla? You know she’s gonna play a big part in the match too. There will definitely be involvement from that diva in this matchup. You know that she’ll distract Mickie or something, either way helping McCool retain. 

Predicted Result: Mickie James def. Michelle McCool via DQ(McCool retains) 

I say McCool loses the match, but not the title with Layla either getting caught or McCool using some kind of dirty tactic. Or for the very simple beatdown from Michelle McCool and Layla. 

Predicted Match Rating: 3 stars 

Royal Rumble Match 

And now for the most exciting match of the evening! The feature presentation, what EVERYONE has been waiting for, this is the Royal Rumble match. 

Now what I love about this year’s Rumble, although there are a few favourites to win the Royal Rumble there is NO clear favourite to take the Rumble victory home. I love it! It leaves possibility for just us to actually think about it and not just go, “ok, he wins.” 

So who are the favourites? 

Chris Jericho- Although he has not received the Royal Rumble build up how great would it be for Chris Jericho to win the Royal Rumble? Now he hasn’t done it before so that’s what should have him thrown into the mix. All the rumors about Edge help a lot too, plus don’t you think he flat out deserves it. 

This is a guy who works his butt off making sure the other superstars look good. This is the guy that helped you revive your tag team and IC division in the year of ‘09. This is the guy that freaking put over R-Truth? R-Truth, really!? 

Wouldn’t it be an interesting angle if it was something like, “I was tired of being made out to look like all you hypocrites in the crowd by these pathetic worms that call themselves superstars. So I made sure that I would once again remind you that I am indeed the best in the world today!” 

It would get the crowd worked up and it would be just plain beautiful to see. Now with that all you would need is to get the World Heavyweight Championship on Edge and you got your Wrestlemania main event. 

Edge- The Rated R return is upon us! Most recent news to hit the IWC is that Edge has indeed been cleared by WWE officials to compete. So that means he could be here for the Royal Rumble. We could see 2008 all over again, with luck it’ll be better. Especially considering Edge tops Cena any day. 

However, even though Edge will appear it doesn’t really mean that he will win it. You could have Jericho simply on fire in the Rumble and in comes Edge as he takes him out of it. It could start that feud we’ve been waiting for. Eventually he would obviously be eliminated by someone else. 

Then again you could just have Edge win the Rumble and have Jericho pick up the strap at Elimination Chamber. That would also set up the much anticipated Wrestlemania main event. 

C.M. Punk- The Straightedge Saviour is ready to make an impact! CM Jesus is ready to save more and more people. He’s ready to expand the StraightEdge Society, but at this point the Society has a leader who is in the upper mid card? Uhm, how does this sound? Have Punk win the Rumble, elevate him to main event status once again and have him win the World Title. 

The StraightEdge stable has been much waited upon, but in order for it to be a good thing I think you really have to mold CM Punk, who is the leader into a truly evil man. Right now he just looks like Jesus, who is getting booed. That is not what you want to have going for you. Make him evil, make him a monster. Turn him into a Randy Orton/Chris Jericho level heel superstar. 

Have him take the Rumble win and the World Title home at Wrestlemania and make him a 4 Time StraightEdge World Champion. 

Shawn Michaels- Things just got real sexy, everyone. Why? Because the sexy boy is a favourite to win the Royal Rumble, that’s why. After the build up on a DX meltdown, Shawn has to be considered a favourite to win the Royal Rumble. Not to go on to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but to face Triple H. 

After Triple H loses the Rumble you could have him say something like, “seeing that I could not get what I wanted at Royal Rumble. I’ll get something more, I’ll take the WWE Title at Elimiation Chamber and become a 14 time World Champion!” 

It would make a lot of sense and it would without a doubt be something you’d want to see. 

However some factors do indeed hold Shawn Michaels back. Do they really want him capturing a 3rd Royal Rumble? To match Stone Cold’s record? Hell no, that’s something that should belong to Stone Cold and Stone Cold only! If Shawn were to win, it would not be a good thing for the record books. Could that hold back Shawn from winning? 

Triple H- The Game is ready to start playing again. With the whole DX reunion both Shawn and Trips have been held back from the main event. However with the soon to come DX explosion I think Triple H should be considered a favourite to win the Rumble. 

It would be very similar to the Shawn Michaels storyline I just explained earlier, except some parts switched around. 

However an issue I see with The Game winning the Rumble is it’s in Atlanta again. Do you really want to use the Triple H getting hot in Hotlanta angle? I know I wouldn’t. However although that is a factor it is not a big one, and I doubt it’ll hold him back. 

So look for the DX members to play some big roles in this year’s Royal Rumble. 

Ted DiBiase- Priceless, this possibility would be priceless. If Ted DiBiase were to win the Royal Rumble it would be something quite interesting. Of course we know what would happen if he indeed did win the Royal Rumble, he would go on to face Randy Orton(who would pick up the WWE Title) at Wrestlemania. Although this would be something to watch for, I don’t see it happening. 

I don’t think Ted will win the Rumble. I think he will accidently cost Orton his match, getting Orton furious at Ted. So in the Royal Rumble, Orton would get involved and throw DiBiase over the rope eliminating him from the Rumble, starting the feud between the two. 

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking of Teddy is that the WWE has been hesitant to push new stars with the Royal Rumble win recently. Randy Orton? John Cena? The Undertaker? Not exactly new sensations. Ted could potentially break the loop, but I don’t see it. 

Batista- Yes it’s not a result too likely, but the man has to be thrown in there. Going into his gimmick he is rather steamed over losing the number one contendership to Rey Mysterio and not winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The Royal Rumble is where he can unleash all his anger. 

He is the Animal after all, at Royal Rumble he could be an Animal on the loose, taking out superstar after superstar after superstar. 

However can we really see big Dave winning the Rumble again? The only time he won it was before his push in 2005. The only other time he was in a Rumble was 08. Why? 06, injured. 07, World Champion. 09, injured AGAIN. 

So he doesn’t exactly have the experience factor, but he does have the big star factor so who knows. Maybe the unexpected will come. 

Predicted Match Result: Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble 

Indeed I am marking in on this one, but I really think that the whole turn around thing for Chris Jericho could happen. Then get Edge to win the World Title at Elimination and you have your Wrestlemania match. Although at first I was thinking the Heartbreak kid, but then a smart man convinced me otherwise. You know who you are, if you are reading this. 

Predicted Match Rating: 5 stars(it’s the Rumble) 

Closing Segment 

I have spoken on my beliefs for the Royal Rumble, if you have time tell me yours. Thanks for reading everyone and make sure to watch the Royal Rumble.

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