Cavaliers' D makes Indy grateful for Colts: Cavaliers 94, Pacers 73

Kirk LammersContributor IJanuary 30, 2010

Photo: Darron Cummings/AP

The stars shined once again for the Cavaliers once again in Indianapolis, and it didn't take long to dispatch of the Pacers, who jump-shot and token-defended their way to a big loss tonight in the best defensive effort for the Cavaliers this season point-wise. The Cavaliers have now won seven in a row and still sit one-half game ahead of the Lakers for the best record in the league. As for Indianapolis, at least they have the Colts playing in the Super Bowl to ease the pain of a lackluster season for the Pacers.

Who's setting the pace?: Jumping out of the gate strong is something Cavaliers fans are mildly used to at this point, but rarely do the Cavaliers explode for a first quarter such as the one tonight on the road. The Cavaliers doubled up the Pacers 36-18 in the first on the legs of 13-of-21 shooting (62%). Meanwhile, the Pacers and their All-Star Danny Granger were having trouble even drawing iron. Indiana shot a dreadful 31% (8-of-26). In fact, I think the Pacers may have thrown up more that missed the rim than the Cavaliers threw up that missed total in the quarter.