Would The Louisville Cardinals Be a Better Fit In The Big 10?

Jr .Contributor IJanuary 31, 2010

With the Big Ten possibly looking at a Big East team to become the 12th team added to their conference, in my opinion, the Louisville Cardinals could be a possible fit. Geographically, they are. The City of Louisville sits just south of the State of Indiana border. Now we all know Louisville would bring a talented basketball team (men’s) with a proven head coach already to a solid basketball conference. Football wise, things are looking up, and in no time will the Cardinals football team will be back in stride. Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium could be a site to hold the conference championship game.  As for recruiting, since the state of Kentucky technically sits in the south, other Big Ten schools could have a strong chance of getting more athletes from the other southern states. Also having Louisville as a 12th member would help get more exposure in the southern regions of the country.  Even though I like the Big East, as a fan of Louisville Cardinals sports, in my opinion; the Big Ten would be a good fit. I would like to hear your thoughts!