Are Rookies in The NFL Getting Payed Too Much?

Evan GlassContributor IJune 29, 2008

The NFL is becoming a joke.  

They spend so much money on all of these rookies, and are not able to spend it on players who deserve it.  

The 2008 NFL 1st round draft selection, Jake Long, was signed to a $57.75 million dollar contract before he played any pro game.  That's just ridiculous. 

These teams, such as the Dolphins, should be paying their more worthy and experienced players more money, rather than the players who haven't played yet!  

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell agrees.  He said that this pay scale is severely out of control, and that he plans to negotiate a plan to fix this problem.

So to keep it simple, what do you think?  Should these rookies be payed tremendously?  If not, what kind of rule should be enforced?