The Wright Take: LIVE Play-By-Play Of WWE Night Of Champions

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 29, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to PWN’s LIVE coverage of WWE Night of Champions. I’m Adam Wright, providing you with tonight’s Play-By-Play.

Check here often during the night with the latest action. How this will work is I will be writing what’s happening during the broadcast, and whenever I want to give my take on things, they will be in parentheses ”()”.

Enjoy the evening!


Night of Champions opens off with a video promo featuring all Champions. Then previews of the two main events are shown.

Pyros go off in a sold out arena as J.R. and Mick Foley welcomes us to the show.

WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Dirt Sheet vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle

J.R tells us that the Champions can’t count the team of Finlay and Hornswoggle short. Foley replies that team could be short-lived.

After comedy hour, the match begins. Finlay starts off against Morrison. After some working over, they end up outside. Finlay gets knocked from behind by Miz. Now the Tag Team Champs chases Horny, as Finlay comes back and attacks both.

With the distraction, the Champs are back in the driver’s seat. Hornswoggle has yet to be tagged in... until now!

After a head-scicors, a stunner by Hornswoggle, another double team gives advantage to the Champs. Hornswoggle is being man-handled by Morrison, but he fights back. “The heart and courage of Hornswoggle” J.R. says. The Miz tags in, and takes back control. Finlay is reaching for a tag, but Horny can’t reach!

After being “mocked”, Hornswoggle escapes and gets the tag! Finlay is cleaning house. He’s taking out both Champions! CELTIC CROSS!

Hornswoggle tries a Tadpole Slam, but Morrison grabs him by the neck and chokeslams him. Miz is outside with Finlay... Morrison cover.

Winner: Still Champions The Dirt Sheet

After the match, the Champs celebrate as the father and son still love each other.

King and Michael Cole are talking about the WWE Title match, and how Triple H is now on Smackdown.

U.S. Title Match
Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo, who is taunting the fans, comes out with Bam Neely. J.R and Foley talk about the Guerrero family Legacy, then the U.S Title legacy.

Now here comes the U.S champ Matt Hardy to a standing ovation.

The match starts with a quick roll-up for Chavo, Matt kicks out. Matt then tackles Chavo after sending him to the ropes. Both stare at each other.

Chavo goes low to a Chop-Block to get the advantage. He is now taking advantage at the hurt left knee. Bam Neely even gets involved when the ref is arguing with Chavo. Guerrero still focusing on that knee as the crowd chants “Hardy”.

Matt back to his feet and fighting! They exchange blows, but Matt’s movement is limited. Chavo goes back to the knee. J.R. reminds us that “Guerrero” means “Warrior”.

Chavo goes on top rope, but misses the Swanton! (Yes, I said Swanton). Matt now fights with with one leg hurt. SIDE EFFECT! Chavo kicks out!

Hardy goes on top rope for an elbow. Does it again, but Chavo blocks him. He now locks a submission. Hardy is reaching the ropes and gets them.

After a DDT, Hardy goes for Twist of Fate. Chavo counters with another submission! After a ropebreak, Chavo goes for 3 Amigos, but on the third...TWIST OF FATE.


Winner: Still champion Matt Hardy!

King and Cole now talk about Vince’s ” Accident”.

Mike Adamle and Tazz are now on. This means one thing....

ECW Ttile Match
Mark Henry vs. Big Show vs. Kane

As Henry comes out, Adamle says “He looks mean and hungry” (was that supposed to be a fat joke? Lol).

Here comes The Big Show next. The fans love the “World’s Largest Athlete”

Now here comes the Champion Kane, who is now on RAW. “This should be something special” Adamle says (by special...he means AWFUL).

To kill time, they are now doing the official introductions...with weights! Oh my they are huge!

The 3 monsters go at it. Mark Henry ends up outside somehow, leaving Kane and Show fighting in the ring. Show throws Kane outside the ring.

“It’s like a scene of Jurassic Park” Adamle says (He means robotic?). Now Show and Henry are in the ring. Neither can knock each other down (or entertain us!). Adamle reminds us Kane is outside still. Show slams Henry on the mat.

Trainers are now out to check on Kane, who landed awkwardly outside. He is savouring the knee. Outside action is more interesting than the actual match in the ring.

Kane is back up, it’s a miracle people! Kane is beating both Show and Henry. Kane and Show double Chokeslam Henry, but later fight for the cover.

Kane now on the top rope again, but Show chokeslams him! 1..2... kicks out Kane! Kane sits up like he brother use to...

Big Show now is heading up the ropes, but Kane supplex Show. All of sudden, Mark Henry runs and hits his “Henry Slam”?


Winner: New ECW Champion Mark Henry

Henry leaves the ring with the belt... (and ECW’s appeal)

J.R. and Foley talk about Batista vs. Edge.

Eve is backstage with Batista. He says he’s bringing the World Title to RAW and he will be the main man on RAW. John Cena interrupts him... THEN CM Punk. Punk warns them he is Mr. MITB

World Tag Team Title Match
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. And ???????

King assures us the Champs are on the same page.

DiBiase comes out with his new “Priceless” entrance song. The crowd seems not to care. And his partner....

Ted says his partner is on his way, he’s coming in 10 minutes. He says start the match and his partner will be there soon.

Ted wants Holly first against him. CODY RHODES TURNS ON BOB! “Please welcome my partner Cody Rhodes”

DiBiase looks in the “Million Dollar Dream” for the win

Winners: World Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Cole reminds us that everyone has a price.

Triple H DVD Promo airs

Todd Grisham is with JBL. JBL complains about not having a match tonight at Night of Champions. JBL says he is the richest man in WWE now Vince is “injured”. He says Texas is a failure since he left to New York. JB says he is a Champion in life and will be Champion in the WWE Again.

Intercontinental Title Match
Chris Jericho vs. ??????????

As the Champions walks to the ring, King and Cole talk about his actions against Shawn Michaels. He grabs the mic. He says his surprise opponent WON’T be HBK. Jericho says he has fought with injuries before unlike Michaels! “I’m not here to save us, I’m here to save me from all of you...”

Out comes...KOFI KINGSTON!

Cole says it’s his first title match in WWE.

As the match starts, Lance Cade is watching, keeping a watch-out for Michaels.

Jericho keeps the rookie grounded in the early going on the match. After a bounce off the ropes, Kingston gets the advantage.

The high flyer hits a cross body off the top rope. Then Jericho counters another high risk move, sending Kofi outside the ring. Lance Cade is still there keeping an eye open.

Inside the ring, Jericho is wearing down Kingston. He hits a supplex then a back-breaker. The Champion continues his relentless attack on the rookie.

Kingston gets out of an abdominal stretch, but Jericho gains back control. He places Kofi of the top rope and tries to go for a Superplex, but Kingston counters...1...2.. kick-out!

Kingston hits a missile drop-kick! Both men counter out of their finishers! Hurcarana by Kingston! Kick out by Jericho.

The Champion hits the Lionsault. He goes for the WALLS OF JERICHO.

HBK is out! Jericho distracted. TROUBLE IN PARADISE


Winner: New Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston!

Somewhere, Adamle is screaming “JAMAICAN ME CRAZY!”

Medics come out for Michaels who aggravated his injury. Jericho goes to Michaels, but the refs are stopping him. Jericho punches him right in the injured eye. Michaels is rolling on the ground.

Cole and King talk about the WWE Title match again.

Vickie is now backstage with Edge. Edgeheads come in to check on Edge to see how he’s doing. Edge says he’s not worried about Batista or Triple H. Edge talks about all the Championships he won and he doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Now we are “treated” with Cena and Vince’s Gillette commercial.

WWE Women’s Title Match
Mickie James vs. Katie Lea

The Champion comes out with her usually skipping routine.

Now the Burchills come out.

Katie goes for early roll-ups, but it’s not enough. James hits a monkey flip to get the upper hand. Then she goes to the top rope, but Lea goes to her brother outside the ring.

After the chasing game, Katie Lea now is working on Mickie’s arm. Katie sends her hard to the turnbuckle, hurting his shoulder more. She is focusing on the left shoulder of the Champion.

Mickie James fights back, but Katie Lea refocuses on her target. James battles back and hits a hurcarana. She is struggling with one arm, but Lea locks a submission. The Champion tries to get the ropes, but she fights out.

Katie Lea sends her again in the turnbuckle hard. DDT out of nowhere by the Champion!


Winner: Still WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James

Brother Burchill checks on his sister as Mickie celebrates.

We are back with Foley and J.R. They are talking about Edge vs. Batista again. They’ve been promoting a text poll all night.

Video package for Edge vs. Batista is shown.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Edge vs. Batista

Here comes the World Champion Edge. He is coming to the ring with no “La Famila”. (The crowd seems very quiet tonight.)

J.R. is talking about Edge’s accomplishments. “He is living his dream as we speak” J.R. says. The native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada looks ready. The crowd now gives lots of heat to Edge.

And here comes the Challenger. The crowd gets loud as Batista makes his way out.

J.R. reminds us this is Batista’s last chance at Edge, and the World Title, as he is now a member of Monday Night RAW. They are now doing official introductions. The crowd is now alive!

The bell rings to signal the beginning of the match. Batista quickly out-powers the Champ, sending him to the mat twice. Batista now throws Edge out of the ring.

Batista is shutting down the Champion at the start of this match. Edge is sent out of the ring again. The Animal lets his guard down just for a second, and Edge takes advantage by sending him in the ring-post. This buys the Champion time. Edge hits a baseball slide, sending Batista on the ECW announcers table. The ref counts, but Batista gets back in the ring.

The crowd chants “Batista”, as Edge is choking him with the ropes. Batista is now trying to fight back, but Edge hits a drop-toe hold. Edge with the upper hand locks in a sleeper hold on The Animal to wear him down.

Batista breaks out of the hold, but Edge gets him again with the drop-toe hold, sending him to the turnbuckle. Edge is using his environment at his advantage. Edge now hits a neck-breaker. Edge locks in the choke-hold again, but Batista fights out.

Just like that, Edge hits a clothesline, and The Animal is down again. Batista hits his own clothesline on Edge. Ref is counting them both out as both are on their feet. Batista sends Edge to the turnbuckles and hits a sidewalk slam.

Edge kicks-out. SPEAR by Batista. 1...2... not enough! Batista goes for Batista bomb, but Edge counters. Batista tries again, but Edge hits The Impaler DDT! Batista kicks out! Edge goes for Spear, but gets the boot in the face. Batista goes on the top rope, but Edge hits a drop-kick.

Here comes The Edgeheads with GM Vickie Guerrero. BATISTA BOMB

1...2..... Vickie pulls the ref!

Edge goes for Spear, but Batista sends him outside the ring. Edge hits the ref! Vickie yells for another ref...IT’S CHAVO GUERRERO! Chavo is now the Ref.

Batista grabs Vickie and throws her at La Familia. But Edge hits Batista with the Title.

Chavo counts 1....2....3....

Winner: Still World Champ Edge

La Familia help Vickie back in her chair and quickly head backstage with the World Champion.

Batista looks stunned as he leaves SD! empty handed to RAW. The fans give an ovation for The Animal. It looks like Batista is getting emotional. The refs help a dazed and emotional Batista to get out of the ring.

Great American Bash promo airs

Cole and J.R. are now there for the main event.

Triple H is heading towards the ring as Grisham asks him his final thoughts. "I will do what I should of done 2 years ago" he says"

Triple H vs. John Cena promo airs.

WWE Title Match
Triple H vs. John Cena

Here comes the challenger John Cena. (Dear god the crowd’s pitch just got a lot higher!).

The fans are mixed as usual about Cena (and by mixed, I mean Women and Children cheering and everyone else booing).

Here comes the Champion Triple H. “Triple H should be the poster boy for night of Champions” Cole says. He goes down his resume as The Champ continues his ridiculously long entrance.

Official introductions will measure the crowd response. Cena gets his usual, Triple H gets both too.

“Matches like this don’t happen too often” Cole says (Does he mean WWE Title matches?). King says he wants Cena to bring the title back to RAW.

The bell rings to start the match. Triple H is the first to get offence. They stare down again. Triple H knocks Cena down three times, and does the “Suck It” to Cena! “You don’t want to get Cena angry!” King says (He might turn green?).

Cena now gets some offence by knocking the Champ down several times. Cena salutes Triple H to taunt him. Now they are brawling. Cena hits a supplex. Cena goes for the flying-tackle, but Triple H dodged it.

The Cerebral Assassin now has the upper hand. He is targeting the lower spine of Cena, hitting elbows and knees.

They announcers keep reminding us they are evenly matched. (But by that they mean Vince’s pets, right?).

Cena is now back in the driver’s seat. But momentum quickly turns with a knee to the face. Triple H tries for a Pedigree, but Cena counters. He goes on the top ropes, and hits The Champ. Cena tries a STFU, but Triple H kicks him away.

Cena now goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle, but gets another knee to the face. Spinebuster by The Game! Triple H tries Pedigree, but Cena throws him outside. The Game lands hard outside, he is graving his knee! The ref is counting. The Champ gets back in the ring. Now Cena is working on that knee.

Cena tries STFU again, but Triple H goes to the ropes. Cena tries again, but Triple H is fighting it. Cena has it locked on, but The Game gets to the ropes quickly.

Cena goes for the F.U, but Triple H PEDRIGREE! He hesitates by grabbing his knee.

1...2... Cena kicks out!

Both are being counted out. Now on their feet, F.U by Cena!

1....2... Triple H kicks out!

Both are being counted out again.

On their feet, both are delivering hard punches. Crowd seems to be behind Triple H now. (And by now, i mean louder).

Cena goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle again and hits it. Cena goes for the F.U, but Triple H got the ropes. The Game goes for Pedigree, but STFU

The Champ is struggling! He is fighting to reach the ropes. He got it. Cena pulls him again, but Triple H hits a cross-face on Cena! Cena is fading; he is far from the ropes. But he is now lifting Triple H on his shoulders. PEDIGREE!


Winner: Still WWE Champion Triple H

Triple H is celebrating with the WWE Title. Cena heads backstage disappointed as The Game brings the Title to Smackdown. King is worried Cena re-injured his pectoral muscle.

The show ends with The WWE Champion Triple H posing with the Title.


Thank you all for joining me tonight, hope you enjoyed! Adam Wright signing out.


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