You Down With Ollie P?

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IJune 29, 2008

Yeah you know me. And I would bet that most Mets fans are after Ollie Perez continued his dominance over the Evil Empire which some call the New York Yankees. Improving his record to 5-1 with around a 2 ERA against the New York Bankees. Now only if, as Keith Hernandez loves to say in the broadcasts "the real Oliver Perez would please stand up" it would help the Metropolitans and inordinate amount down the stretch.  However, the pitching was not the only thing better about today's game.  The announcing was great as usual with the CW11/ SNY crew. However, the best part about today's game was the feeling one gets when realizing that in the year 2008 the Mets beat the Yankees in their head to head series.Proving once again who the real team of New York is, like we all didn't know all along.

 However, for some odd reason this series more than usual sparked my flame of hatred for the Yankees. Here are the top 10 reasons I hate the Yankees.

10) Pinstripes- Every team wears pinstripes, Yankee fans. Stop calling yourselves "The Pinstripes" and expecting us to know who you're talking about.

9) Monument Park- Just retire the numbers like a normal franchise. Retire your greatest players, not every single player to every wear a Yankee uniform.

8) The Steinbrenners- I don't even know why, just something about them makes me hate them.

7) Their no crazy hair rule- Why no ridiculous Johnny Damon hair but all of a sudden Jason Giambi can just sprout this "Starsky and Hutch" mustache.

6) Their Payroll- They consistently have a 200 million dollar payroll and have not won a World Series in seven years. By the looks of it won't win it this year, either.

5) Every Store Has More Yankees Stuff Than Mets Stuff- Given, this isn't the Yankees fault but I still hate them for it, every store you go into thy have about 120 different Yankee Caps and only 4 or 5 Mets caps, it drives me crazy.

4) Yankeeographies- What the heck is a Yankeeography? Just a combo of the words 'Yankee' and 'biography' mushed into one. Not to mention they make one about every single mediocre player ever to dawn the Yankee pinstripes.

3) The Farm System- Tyler Clippard, Ian Kennedy, Chase Wright.  All of these guys were brought up by the Yankees and touted as the next great player only to flop later on.

2) Derek Jeter & Roger Clemens- I know it's two but I count it as one because their both obnoxious players.  Jeter's first, every single play he makes gets treated as a gift from God, when they are all mediocre he plays he makes because he has no range and has to dive at every ball because he can't get to it standing up.  Or that famous Jeter flip tag thing against the A's, that did nothing but slow the ball down on it's trip to the plate. Plain and simple, I hate Roger Clemens because he blatantly threw a jagged piece of wood at Mike Piazza.

1) The Fans- 75 percent of them know nothing about baseball except the fact that the Yankees have won 26. Most of them hardly even know what the Yankees have won 26 of, they just know 26. Also they do that ridiculous roll call thing that the players clearly hate.

Ugh, just thinking about the New York Yankees makes me angry.