When is the Boston Bruins' Losing Streak Going to End?

Martin MagnanContributor IJanuary 30, 2010

BOSTON - JANUARY 12: Interior view of the Fleet Center, home of the Boston Bruins taken on January 12, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by: Brian Babineau/Getty Images)
Brian Babineau/Getty Images

Let`s face it, I'm pretty damn tired to see my favorite team, the Boston Bruins, losing game after game.

They've now had 6 games in a row that resulted in a lost. When is it gonna' stop?

Is it going to be today, against the Kings, or later against Washington or Montréal or Vancouver?

When?! I hated to see a game like yesterday in Buffalo! Someone have to shake things up! C`mon, it`s not true! My Bruins don't play like that!

How the hell they gonna win today against the Los Angeles Kings?

Seems to me, another lost for Boston.

My prediction: Kings 4 Boston 2

(I have to be realistic !!!)