Because I said so... College Football is the greatest show on Earth

JR DeLaneyCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2006

Does it get anymore exciting than college football?  I mean, you've got scores of college students forgetting about academics and leaving it all on the field, both the athletes and non-athletes.  You have marching bands, cheerleaders, mascots, the "rough necks", and everything imaginable rooting your team on, whether they have a prayer of winning or not.  How much cooler does it get?

I salute you, crazed fans, ones who go shirtless in the snow just to paint their chest in support of their team.  Dedication, I tell you, pure dedication.  Do any of the I-AA teams ever stand a chance against the I-A teams?  NEVER!  But do not tell the crazed fans of the I-AA school they are going to get smeared up and down the field like hot butter on bread.  Dedication!

It's the David versus Goliath match-ups that bring out the best in us all.  Yes, the Golaiths, since we are going to win and we will rub it in the faces of that smaller college, unless we lose, but that is so far out of our scope of things, that we do not consider it.  The Davids love it because they get to see the best in college football play against their lab partner, dorm roommate, or even the fraternity boys that destroyed their house last night at the pre-game rally.  Plus, if the Davids do emerge, what fans get to be shown as the leading story on ESPN that night?  You guessed it, the Davids.

So, looking back at the games I have graciously been to, both in my high school and college years, one particular game comes to mind.  Colorado versus the Kansas Jayhawks, Fall 1998.

The setting was a hot, October day, Homecoming in fact, and I was in my first year in the marching Jayhawk band.  (Okay, I was a band geek at this time in my life.)  Somehow, the KU football squad beat the nationally ranked Colorado Buffaloes (with Eric Bienemy) and so ensued the wildest party ever, as if the KU team actually ended with a winning record for the year.  Like I said, the party started with the goal post being torn down and thrown into the lake nearby.  Pieces of the goal post spread about the area, and it was down right a riot.  I never felt better as a Jayhawk fan (and will not until they win a championship or a good bowl game) since all the crazed fans (not myself, of course) stormed the field for such a normal victory for other teams.  But we were the Davids, and we were shown on ESPN that night.

So, I salute you, the Davids of the college football world.  You stand a chance for an upset every week, and I look forward to seeing it.  And I salute you, the fans of your alma mater or favorite team.  When after the work week is over, or after college class ends for the week, you make the setting of a college football arena the greatest show on earth.  Forget the Stones.  Forget the World Series.  You cannot compare the atmosphere of the horseshoe of Ohio State or even Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska or any other college stadium to any other game, because face it, in this way, college football is the David and the Goliath.