Welcome To TNA IMPACT!(Humor)

KRiZZContributor IIJanuary 30, 2010

     Hello everyone welcome to TNA iMPACT!  We have many activities here from the old guys botching to the horrible trash talking.  We are hoping to be the #1 retirement home out there, we have alot of new talent from 2004, and about 50 more classics coming in during 2010.  Let us update you on some of our history!

     We were built January 4th & living strong every since then.  January 4th was the night when about 10 new(old) guys came in like our new co-owner said.  Then the week after that, A guy who got kicked out of our rivals for smoking, & A guy who was injury prone debuted Live! at the breakfast buffet!

      Our creative team sucks so when we bring in guys like Anderson & Kendrick, we cannot think of anything so we keep their gimmick.  We tell everyone watching that our  new(old) people are horrible at what they do, so we introduce them as cast members.   They need to be quiet because our old men have short term memory loss.

       It currently shows on our website, TNAwrestling.com, we have 68 members at this retirement home with a little box at the bottom that says "More Roster".  Not to mention more than half of their roster we're grown in the rival company.  But we are scaring our guys who have been here since 2003 because we have the same staff that killed another retirement have with they're horrible writing.  We now want to be like them but we can't pull in ratings like them, we say on-screen we're going head-to-head with our rival company's #1 show but we're really go head-to-head with their worst show, ECW.

        Well we hope we interested you in coming to TNA iMPACT!...(After this about 20-30 WWF/WcW/ECW stars still join).