Why The Steelers Should Run The Wildcat Next Year

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Why The Steelers Should Run The Wildcat Next Year
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If the Steelers want to have more success offensively next year, they need to run the Wildcat. I know some may not like the Wildcat and I understand, but I believe the Steelers can have great success with it and here's why.

1. We have the players to run it. Dixon can be the Wildcat QB, Holmes can put in a couple of throws every now and again, and we if we want to toss it, we can toss it to Mendenhall.

2. It will give Dixon some more experience. The more experience he has the better because we're looking at Big Ben's potential backup for a while.

3. It will bring unpredictability to our offense. To me, the Wildcat is the very definition of unpredictability. Just imagine it. A balanced offense, the Wildcat, and an improved defense. We'll be unstoppable next year.

All of this is very ambitious. There is no guarantee the Steelers will run the Wildcat, but if they do, I think it will be a good idea. Do you think so, let me know in the comments.

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