Of Stars and Legends: The Nature of Greatness

EmmaAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2010

Stars...they shine ever brightly, diamonds in the velvet sky; beautiful themselves, and giving heightened beauty to others. Nothing in the world could compare: they dazzle all who see them, giving light where all else is dark.

It is the stars who dictate so much of earthly life...inspiring hope in those who wish upon them, guiding the lost through the darkness; a sole constant in an ever-changing world.

Yet even stars cannot defy Father Time...the sands slip through his hourglass, as the burning jewel prepares to flame out.

Only that other celestial body, whose face is an engraving, and whose presence is known even when unseen, can withstand that slow decay...it is she who pulls the tides this way and that, and it is she against whom all other bodies are measured.

Her ancient beauty is unparalleled...the stars can have their moments, for all know that she alone will survive the sandstorm.

Her name is uttered softly; it lives on, even when her figure is reduced to shadow . Always present; never forgotten...legendary in her far-reaching gaze, in her unyielding conquest of all who witnessed her Shining. Father Time cannot, will not, shall not erase her.


Stars don't last forever.

Legends do.