NASCAR: Penalty Probably Forthcoming for Juan Pablo Montoya

Toby ChristieSenior Analyst IJune 29, 2008

Juan Pablo Montoya currently, after the Lennox 301, sits tied for 20th in the point standings with Bobby Labonte, but may not be there for long following an on-track incident with Kyle Busch.  The incident alone could have been brushed over, it's really the interview afterwards that will come back to bite Montoya. 

Montoya after the race stated, "He banged me and tried to wreck me—It gets to a point it's too much you know?

"He runs good, yeah, he's got a good car, yeah, but you know I thought we had a decent car today and I don't appreciate when people race me like that, there's a fine line and he just crossed it."

Montoya was then asked:

Did you intentionally spin out Kyle Busch?

Montoya replied: "Well..Yeah."

NASCAR has not responded kindly to drivers intentionally wrecking other drivers or intentionally causing accidents. 

Back in 2002, Dale Earnhardt Jr. purposely spun himself out for a caution at Bristol and was hit with a 25-point penalty.  Kurt Busch used his car to retaliate against Tony Stewart on pit road, and he was penalized as well. 

The question is, with NASCAR's escalating penalties, and the fact that the guy Montoya spun was the point leader, how big does this penalty become?  Stay tuned for the verdict on Monday.