ESPN's Law Ranks Prospects for the Brewers

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2010

This is Keith Law’s prospect rankings for the Brewers Organization

1. Brett Lawrie, 2B
2. Alcides Escobar, SS
3. Eric Arnett, RHP
4. Kyle Heckathorn, RHP
5. Jon Lucroy, C
6. Wily Peralta, RHP
7. Lorenzo Cain, CF
8. Jake Odorizzi, RHP
9. Kentrail Davis, LF
10. Zach Braddock, LHP

A couple things I find interesting:

  1. Brett Lawrie is ranked ahead of Alcides. This was surprising and when reading why he chose this order, he seemed to downgrade Escobar because of the lack of pop in his bat. This might be why more people choose Baseball America
  2. No Chronic-Crazed RHP by the name of Jeremy Jeffress on the list…man, how his stock has fallen.
  3. Speaking of falling stock, no Angel Salome either
  4. I’m excited for the possibility of a Heckathorn and Arnett in the rotation
  5. I think it’s funny how some people LOVE Kentrail Davis and some people think he’s overrated. This year will be more telling.
  6. Wait…wait…fans of the T-Rats will be wondering where Cody Scarpetta is…You have to love the Appleton fans love of Scarpface.