Hall of Fame Worthy

Anthony Davis Correspondent IJune 29, 2008

Can anyone answer this question for me:

How is it that a man who has kept the spirit of the Negro League alive for all these years not enshrined in the Hall of Fame?

For the the past three years I have asked this question and still have not found the answer. 

Buck O'Neil contributed to baseball like no other, he introduced the world to "Mr. Cub", Ernie Banks, and Lou Brock to name a few. His philosophy was all about seeing others succeed in a business where blacks weren't too high on Major League teams' lists.

Buck O'Neil and countless others helped change the baseball world as we know it, if it wasn't for them, baseball would just be a sport to me. It is not, baseball means the world to me and knowing that there are legends out there that are not in the Hall Of Fame just really annoys me.

Baseball needs to wake up and get Buck O'Neil in the Hall.