Chicago Cubs: Who Cares If the White Sox Win

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 28, 2008

The Chicago Cubs have just lost their second straight game against their crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox.

But I'm still not scared (besides the fact that if the Cubs lose tomorrow, I will have to do 30 sit-ups every time I go to my friend's house) about the Cubs season, despite losing four of the last five games and their last three overall.

The Cubs may be slumping, but they are slumping without their leadoff hitter, who can also hit for power, in Alfonso Soriano.

When Soriano finally gets back into the game, he is going to bring the spark to the Cubs they appear to need.

They are also missing their ace, Carlos Zambrano, who is also on the 15-day disabled list. That means there are three starts that the Cubs won't be sending their best guy out there.

These guys are going to be major players to get back.

Also, the Cubs are expected to make a major move and acquire a good starting pitcher to bring consistency to the two-slot in the pitching rotation, possibly C.C Sabathia.

Bringing Sabathia into the starting rotation would solidify a spot that has been the only weakness for the Cubs.

And, even with the slump, the team still has the best record in baseball, with a .605 winning percentage (.003 ahead of the Red Sox despite the fact that the Red Sox have won an extra game).

The Cubs also still hold a strong three-and-a-half-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals, which is definitely a good lead for over a team that can still fold due to lack of talent.

So, through all the scares, the three-game losing streak, the awful record on the road, I still am not worried that the Cubs might lose their strangle hold on opposing teams.

There are just to many good times to go around.

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