Jay Mariotti Deserves Criticism

Steve JankowskiAnalyst IJune 28, 2008

Jay Mariotti has been involved in yet another war of words recently, but this time, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is just a spectator to the verbal fireworks, rather than an active combatant.

Loudmouth Jayis taking flak from his colleagues at the Chicago Sun-Times—specifically columnist Rick Telander.

Mariotti fired the first salvo when he wrote, "[Guillen's] only critic in the Chicago media, mostly because my soft colleagues either fear Guillen's wrath, enjoy how he rips me, work for one of the Reinsdorf-controlled broadcast outlets or are afraid of getting on the chairman's bad side."

Chris De Luca, a baseball columnist at the Sun-Times stepped in, and simultaneously defended his colleagues, and ripped Mariotti.

Telander responded with a fiery column that was spiked, and then filed another version, which also did not run.

Teddy Greenstien's column on the situation describes Mariotti accurately when he said in a June 10 article that Mariotti, "seems to pride himself on making enemies."

Jay deserves to be thrown under the bus by his colleagues at the Sun-Times, especially after he threw them under to start.

He consistently rips the White Sox no matter what they do, good or bad.

That alone must have made the 2005 World Championship they won that much more difficult for him to handle.

He also recently trashed Mike North, formerly a morning radio host at Chicago's WSCR-AM 670, saying North, "dumbed down Chicago's intelligence quotient."

More than a few Sun-Times readers feel the same way after reading Mariotti's columns.

The single biggest problem Loudmouth Jay has (and he has plenty) is his complete lack of basic journalism ethics and objectivity. 

How the Sun-Times, or any other media organization for that matter, could hire a writer so blatantly biased and out of touch with his readership is beyond me.

Stunningly enough, the Sun-Times handed Loudmouth Jay an extension through 2011.

Here's hoping that the Sun-Times follows in the lead of WSCR and gets rid of their boorish, un-professional "journalist."


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