Delgado- the Holy One

Jimmy ForgioneContributor IJune 28, 2008

The final Subway Series game to be played at the original Yankee Stadium was won by the Mets.

This win capped a sweep of the series that was spread apart between two months.

The Mets were lead by the hard-hitting Carlos Delgado. Delgado tied a franchise record for the most RBIs in a game with nine— seven of them coming off his two big flies.

The Mets poured it on in the middle innings. They scored three in the fifth, and five in the sixth inning.

I was at this game in the high Tier level of Yankee Stadium with two buddies of mine.

When Delgado stepped to the plate in the sixth inning with the bases loaded I told my fellow Met fan that if Delgado "cranks that soulja boy" on this next pitch and scores us four runs this inning, you will never hear me bad mouth Carlos Delgado ever again.

Sure enough, that next pitch was obliterated.

As soon as I saw it land and get thrown back onto the field by a bitter Yankee fan, I was in immediate awe, and at a loss for words.

I turned to my bud and said, "I will never mention Mike Jacobs and Delgado in the same sentence, I am eternally grateful to Carlos.”

Three innings later when Delgado came to the plate with only two other men on base, that same friend turned to me and said, "if Delgado puts this one over the wall, I will never speak of Delgado in the negative again."

Guess what Delgado did a few pitches later?

That’s right, he almost broke a window in the ambulance behind the right center field wall.

Not to take anything away from the rest of the Mets, whose bullpen was pretty stellar and through the lineup there were decent numbers, but my hat goes off to Delgado who I always disliked.

I liked him only, because he was a Met and unlike other fans I don't boo.

On the flip side, I did not support all the trades Omar Minaya has done in the past, including the Jacobs for Delgado trade.

Up until this moment in time I have disagreed tremendously with the fact that we threw away our future first basemen, that would have blossomed and would have grown with Reyes and Wright.

With that grand slam I stand corrected and I now bow down to Delgado, because he stepped it up.

Even though he and the whole team mostly choke at home.

I still owe Delgado for giving the Met fans the greatest Met moment in Yankee Stadium history.

It made the obnoxious Yankee fans shut up or leaves and it helped us met fans back up what we believe in.

It was the greatest five minutes in Met-Yankee Stadium history.