Would The Miz Make RAW's Main Event Scene "Awesome"?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2010

Since sometime in 2004 when he was first signed to a WWE contract working in Ohio Valley Wrestling,Mike Mizanin has had anything,but a great start with the WWE. He was insulted, be-railed,ignored,and seen as completely irrelevant all due to the fact that he was formerly employed by MTV,as a star of The Real World.

The Miz has not only been tormented and be-railed by his fellow co-workers,but by fans as well. Many people saw Miz as a joke,and expected him to get released years ago,but Miz worked his ass off,and rightfully so,as it may have paid off greatly.

In mid 2008 The Miz formed one of the most popular tag teams in WWE for the past 5 years,with John Morrison. And let's face facts it's no secret that Miz was being carried by Morrison in the tea,but he showed he can go his own during his run with Morrison. But the fantastic duo won both the WWE Tag Team,and World Tag Team Championships together,and gained major popularity points from the WWE Universe.

The Miz has always been decent on the mic,but he's greatly improved with his mic skills,as well as in ring skills. During the finish of Survior Series 2009 it was The Miz,Drew McIntyre,and Sheamus standing tall as the Soul Survivors,and i knew right then and there that WWE had big plans in store for all 3.

The Miz won the WWE United States Championship,on the October 5th edition of RAW,and has been Champion,since then. I'm gonna be honest,and say i expected Miz to drop the U.S Champion around December,but it looks like he may be Champion until WrestleMania 26,or even beyond that until they find a Main Event storyline for him.

The Miz is currently defending the United States Championship again MVP,and if he we're to drop the title,then maybe Miz may be getting a Main Event push,and if Miz doesn't get his Main Event push on RAW,i expect him to get drafted to SmackDown in April,and be the top heel of the brand.