Interview With Toronto Maple Leafs' Blogger Steve Dangle

Metro HockeyCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

If you’re a passionate hockey fan like myself, you find yourself up at all hours of the night when you can't sleep searching Youtube for hockey videos. During one of these moments I found myself looking at video blogs but I found one that caught my eye, a blogger by the name of Steve Dangle.

Steve brings comedy as well as a great knowledge of the game of hockey. He brings his viewers recaps of every Leafs game and all the while doing it from a non-bias standpoint. As a passionate fan of any team in any sport it is hard to talk about you team and not be bias so I commend him for that.

Steve has gone from a guy just talking to his webcam about his beloved Leafs to a guy just talking to his webcam about his beloved Leafs, who has also covered the World Junior Classic courtesy of Nike and also has an internship with Leafs TV…I don’t know about you but I’m kind of jealous.

Talking to Steve and reading his answers to my questions, you see a guy who is having fun with what he is doing and all the while being taken back by what his videos have turned into. I look forward to interviewing him again someday.

EB: First of all let me thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview.

SD: Thanks! No prob, Bob. That's not your name? That's embarrassing...

EB: Looking back to a couple of years ago when you made that first video, could you have ever imagined all the fame that you have?

SD: No. Never. Getting lots of people to watch wasn't the point. It was more something I made for my friends to kind of laugh at. Now I'm interning, I went to the World Juniors, I've covered Marlies games, been on Leafs TV... I haven't even computed it all.

EB: You now have an internship with Leafs TV which is an amazing opportunity. What do you want to do with your career? Could we see Steve Dangle on Hockey Night in Canada in 10 years?

SD: You just never know. I've learned that nothing is ever certain, and with broadcasting changing a million miles a minute, who knows. Before I started making videos, sports broadcasting as a career was sort of a "hey that would be cool" thought in the back of my mind, but I wanted to write TV Shows. I was a drama nerd in school (act surprised) and I really liked writing. I wrote for the school newspaper, did the morning announcements and all that. I'm still a young guy (21) and I'm so new to all this. Most people in media I've met often say "This is what I want to do - this year." Maybe one day I'll decide I hate this and become a zoo keeper. Until that day comes, I'm happy with the way things are going.

EB: You recently were able to cover the World Junior Classic, courtesy of Nike. How was that whole experience and did Nike contact you or did you contact them?

SD:Saskatoon was unbelievable! I can't emphasize that enough. The whole tournament was incredible. It was a bit nerve racking because I was really a rookie at that stuff but they never put pressure on me and were always supportive and helpful. They contacted me. They had to surgically reattach the jaw back to my face. Doctors these days can do some pretty marvelous things. It was an amazing opportunity and I had a fantastic time. Yeah they didn't win, but I can't walk away from an experience like that and not be incredibly grateful.

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