Conan O'Brien ComingTo Raw?

aja .Contributor IJanuary 26, 2010

Like Chris Mueller AKA The most interesting man in the world wrote in a resent article 

how he wanted coco to guest host Raw and how awesome it be.

Many people commented on it and I personally would love to see coco on Raw making fun of jericho and maybe even DX.

But like most people they thought WWE would never get coco....

Until recently I read reports of the WWE been interest in getting Conan O'Brien to guest host Raw 

I think this a really good thing that could help in the rantings and coco been a hot topic right now could help in getting a new audience for his new show this September

let hope he says yes and this happens soon

So what u guys think

Will coco do a good job or will this be just a another horrible guest host??? 

please leave your opinion and comment below