Heyman Helps Lesnar Court Controversy

Tim ListAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2010

Brock Lesnar is back in the news today, and this time he's pairing up with a familiar troublemaker. Brock's anger over the health care reform being proposed in the United
States has created a major controversy, including a scathing editorial by Jim Rome on
"Rome is Burning."
Brock has enlisted Paul Heyman, the noted creative genius who was Lesnar's on-air
wrestling manager but also his behind-the-scenes writer and producer in World Wrestling Entertainment, to help spread the word that Lesnar is not going to shut up regarding his feelings on health care, both in the United States and Canada.
In a brilliant blog posted on The Heyman Hustle this afternoon, Lesnar (who is a staunch hardcore Republican) and Heyman (a well known liberal) both defended Lesnar's right to discuss his health care concerns.
Heyman wrote: "You can't undo a major surgery. If the doctors in Canada had decided to amputate one of Brock's arms or legs, the damage they would be doing to his career would be the same as the surgery they wanted to perform."
In the exclusive interview, Lesnar commented: "I'm not some dumb meathead fighter. I have something to say.  I still have my career today because of the United States Health Care System. Does it need some fixing? Absolutely. But the changes I'm hearing about don't sit well with me, and I'm exercising my rights by speaking my mind."
A really fascinating look into the health scare Lesnar faced, with some really strong comments from both Lesnar and his former television mouthpiece. Highly recommended.