Why Does Everyone Hate the Patriots?

Jon BrossCorrespondent INovember 3, 2007

With one of the most anticipated regular season games in football history coming up tommorow, I ask a very simple question (I think the Black Eyed Peas sang it best) "where's the love?"

There is no doubt in my mind that this Patriots will go down in the record books as the one of, if not the best team in football history. They have a 'golden boy' quarterback who is not only on pace to smash the single season touchdown record, but is also dating Gisele! How can you hate that? You have one of the league's most notorious cry babies in Randy Moss who, after stints in the defunct Minnesota and Oaktown has turned into a poster boy for the NFL. He's smiling, laughing, having fun and scoring touchdowns. He's happy, so why hate on that? You little known Wes Welker who was abandoned by his former Dolphins team only to become an elite wide-out with the Pats. There are guys like Junior Seau and Teddy Bruschi, veterans who have continued their outstanding careers in New England, leading one of the best D's in the league.

Ok, so maybe there are a couple reasons why someone could possibly hate the Patriots. Let's retrace the steps for a second. Brady- can't hate him. I don't care what anyone says this guy is a stud; a 6th rounder who will be going to the hall of fame, so no hate for Brady. Moss? Ok, maybe I can see why people hate Randy. He was a quitter with the Raiders, he admitted it and wanted out. Raiders' fans I understand why you may hate him as he's now a league leader in touchdowns and makes the game look so easy.

Junior Seau also very susceptible to the hatred. Retiring from the Chargers several years ago (I remember the press conference, there were tears) only to COME BACK to the league to play for the already amazing Pats team at the time and lead their team on the defensive side. Oh, and I believe he has three interceptions on the year.

So those are really the only two guys that have legitimate reasons for hate to be reigned upon them. So why hate the whole team? Why is everyone rooting for Indy to reign blows on the Pats on Sunday.

Right, I forgot about Belichick. Hated by the media, fans, other coaches players and pretty much everyone besides his own team, Bill shocked the league with 'spy gate' early in the season only to run-a-muck of the league, pounding every team into submission. Just when people were slightly turning to root for the Pats and possibly enjoy cheering for them, the Washington Redskins welcomed the Patriots into their home only to be embarassed. It was like having that dinner guest come to your house only to have sex with your wife at the end of the night (think about it...it was that kind of game). The Pats were up by 38 only to keep Brady in the game and embarrass the 'Skins defense further. So, ok I can see why hate is bestowed on Belicheck.

But now comes talks of taking a cheap shot at Brady if he's in the game late during a blowout. I believe the term of choice this week was 'send a message' to a team that's making you look like you belong in the CFL. But is that really the answer? Sending an 11 man blitz on Brady, who will probably just dump the pass off for a touchdown while eluding all 11 men? Come on now. I'm all for sending a message but this ridiculous. The hate is building up against this team and Belicheck has helped build up that ball of fury.

Now pin this hated team against the 'saintly' Colts.

The man who can't do or say anything wrong Peyton Manning. Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, guys who have been stellar their whole career and are all smiles for the cameras come Sunday. Joseph Addai and Kenton Keith, one a youngster with high promise and crazy talent. The other a CFLer who was scouted by the masterful Colts only to excel this season while Addai was injured. And how can we forget Mr. Vinatieri, the ex-pat who won the superbowl with the Colts last season. How dare he!

So yes, I can see now why everyone is hating on the Patriots this Sunday and is hoping for Indy to spank down the Pats.

I am what is called a realist. I see reality as it is, no sugarcoating. So forgive me if I say that those who hate on the Pats fail to see the reality that is human error. So what is Bill, Tom, Randy, Junior and the rest have made mistakes in the past. These guys are human, but are on the verge of becoming superhuman.

They will beat down the Colts this weekend only to make everyone that them further. But that only fuels their drive to win. So hate away my friends, hate away.