Listen to me on the radio tonight

Larry ButzContributor IJanuary 26, 2010
Hello gentlemen and ladies (in reverse order of archetypal gentleness),

You can listen to me read a story on the radio tonight if you tune in to impact89fm.

So if you're in central Michigan, that's 88.9fm at 6:45. Alternatively, anyone can listen to it live on the internet by going to and clicking listen live.

Again, it airs at about 6:45 pm, but you should tune in a bit early to make sure you don't miss it, or listen to the whole Exposure with Emily Fox if you're in for some local coverage. And if local to you means central Michigan.

It will be either "How to Eat Bad Eggs: A Primer" or "Bomb Threat". You'll have to listen in to find out which.