The Spectrum to go down next summer

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IJune 28, 2008

The only arena that Philadelphia has seen championships in will be knocked down next summer. The Philadelphia Spectrum which held the Championship teams of the `73-`74 Flyers and the `74-`75 Flyers, along with the 1983 76ers; the Specturm will rise to Heaven instead of falling to the ground. As reported this morining by the Delco Times, Anthony San Fillipo the Spectrum will go down next summer.  Fillipo verbally broke the news this morning on 610 WIP's Glen Macnow's show at 10:15 am. The Spectrum will be replaced by a shopping extravaganza that is going to be owned by Comcast.

The knocking down of the Spectrum was rumored earlier by Ed Snider, but was never finalized. Unfortunetly it will happen, the Flyers will finally report at a later time.

I will be back when more updates become more avaliable.