Conference Championship Recap And A Look Ahead To The NFL Super Bowl!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJanuary 25, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints rolls out to pass against the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 31-28 in overtime.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

 NFL fans it is that time of year again! The time we wait for all season long, Super Bowl Time. We had a great regular season and had a lot of speculations about who would appear in the biggest game of the year. There were some obvious favourites to go far, some lived up to the expectations some didn’t. Throughout the playoffs, the Jets rose as the giant killers. With the cocky yet intelligent Rex Ryan guiding them they made it all the way to the conference finals to face the Colts. Meanwhile on the other side in the NFC, the dreamers, the New Orleans Saints were going up against Brett Favre and the Vikings.

Let’s start with the NFC Championship game. Going into the game both teams had been huge favourites for the Super Bowl. Both teams guided by their superstar QBs with New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees and Vikings QB, Brett Favre. Into the matchup, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints had been turning heads all season. First with that franchise record, 13-3 season and then knocking off the Cardinals in huge numbers to once again show why they indeed did put up those numbers.

On the other side Brett Favre had been having a great season. Although he was treated like a Benedict Arnold in Packer land it didn’t really matter because he was molding Minnesota in the a legit contender. He did a great job and game time was coming.

Both teams certainly had it on the offensive end, the defense, not so much. Which big team would take it?

The team that continued to turn heads would! The New Orleans Saints had won the game 31-28 in OT with a Field Goal to go to their first ever NFL Super Bowl matchup. Somehow inside of you, you had to know that New Orleans would come up with the win. Was it something in the air? Was it the determination to be the ones to make history? Was it just the competitive drive? Well at this point it didn’t really mattered, all that mattered was knowing they were headed to the biggest game of the season.

The New Orleans defense had really gotten in to Brett Favre and the offense. Despite allowing 28 points they got into it. They got a few good interceptions off of Brett Favre and forced a few good fumbles for some turnovers to give Brees the ball back. It was a good game for the Saints and although there was some hesitation in their play I think they are definitely ready for the Super Bowl.

Now heading over to the AFC Championship game. On one side you had the heavily favoured Colts who were ready for a big offensive game and the giant killers, New York Jets. New York Jets have looked great with Rex Ryan. They won the wild card game, then went to San Diego to beat one of the heavily favoured teams to win the Super Bowl and now Peyton’s crew was what they were up against.

It was a simple defense vs. offense game in this one with the high-powered offense of Peyton Manning and the Colts and the amazing defense of Rex Ryan’s Jets.

They say that defense wins championships, but if that were the case then this game would’ve gone totally different. The offensively charged, Indianapolis Colts despite a shaky start went in there and took the game to book their ticket for the biggest Football event in all of North America.

So now we were set with our dream final! After both teams going so close to undefeated this is exactly what the NFL fans wanted for their Super Bowl matchup, a Saints vs. Colts match!

When it comes to the game here are some things to keep in mind.

Both offenses are absolutely packed! You got guys like Drew Brees and Reggie Bush one side and Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and others on the other side. The offensive game should without a doubt be an exciting high scoring affair, yet  a close game all at the same time. Don’t really expect a blowout from either team when the teams are both stacked like this.

When it comes to the defense neither is really prize pickings, but I think there is an edge in it. I say the New Orleans defense has an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts defense. I believe if they can do what they did to Brett Favre plus more to Peyton Manning they will without a doubt be this year’s NFL Super Bowl Champions.

The game in scoring could go as high as more than 30 for each team! I don’t see it topping 40 points each, but you never know which is the real beauty of these things. So when it comes down to it these two teams are ready to put on a classic.

 Now time for the make Svyato look like an idiot if he’s wrong, part of the article with bold call about the upcoming Super Bowl.

Ok, first bold call is that Drew Brees out plays Peyton Manning. It is a very bold call on my part looking at how Peyton has been playing all season long, but I think Drew will step up. His whole NFL career Drew Brees has had doubters telling him he can’t do it, well look at him now. He is doing it and he’s making history with every throw of the ball! I think now that New Orleans has reached their first Super Bowl final and will be looking to make history with their very first win of the Lombardi Trophy(that would be 1 in 1 by the way) he will without a doubt step out and outshine the main star being Peyton Manning.

Bold call number 2, Saints defense comes up big and shuts down powerful Colts offense limiting them to less than 20 points. Yes, this is a very bold call, but it is one I am sticking with. In the heat of it all I can definitely see the Saints defense rising to full potential and showing that they can do some stellar defending. Look for a few good picks from the defense too.

Last bold call will be against the Saints. I say one of the Colts defenders puts an offensive player from the Saints down and sends him home(or to the bench) with some type of injury. Bold? Yeah I guess, because you’re not going to think that an injury will take place, especially with it being the Colts defense of all teams.

Now last, but not least the actual call on the Super Bowl game so here it is:

New Orleans Saints def. Indianapolis Colts 24-19

NO Saints Scoring Breakdown:

2 TD Passes

1 Rushing Touchdown

1 Field Goal

Colts Scoring Breakdown

2 Field Goals

2 TD Passes

So there you go, I’ve made my bold call on the Super Bowl. Will I be made out to look like an idiot? I sure hope not, but you never know. It’s never a smart move betting against Peyton Manning, but there is just something that is telling me that New Orleans will win this game! So who knows?

All we can do now is wait NFL fans, just wait.

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