Mailbag Question: Regarding Justin Turner

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Justin Turner
Hey guys,

I have seen where you both like Justin Turner a lot (is it just because he is from Ohio) or can he be a great player? I have notices many people think he will play CB, S or LB at Michigan. Where do you guys think he will play and why? Will he play as a freshman and will that position be his only position over the 4 years he is at Michigan?

Where does he fit into Shafer's scheme better than English's scheme or does he?

Why does it seem like he does not get as much attention as other recruits that are just as high-ranking wise or even below him it seems like some kids get more attention.

Thanks for taking my question--- Greg
First, both of us are very happy Michigan is recruiting Ohio, and making it a priority. Both of us have a great respect for depth and quality of Ohio High School football. That said we really do not care where a recruit calls home, just that Michigan gets the best players possible.

Turner shows a very good skill set on film, against a very high level of competition, that is why we like him so much. Turner has a nice combination of speed and size that makes him an excellent prospect. Add to that he plays the game with nasty physical edge, and really, hits and you have the type of prospect all programs like to bring in.

Doubt very much we see Turner lining up at linebacker, at least in the short term; he does not have the size or frame at this time to carry the weight to be linebacker. He could help at cornerback, safety, or even nickel.

In addition, do not forget special teams, he has skills to be very good special team’s player. Under Coach English, Turner would almost certainly be a safety, but under Coach Shafer's schemes, I would not be surprised to see him start at cornerback. His ability to press and jam wide receivers at line of scrimmage make him perfect fit for what Coach Shafer is doing at cornerback.

Low rankings can be caused by many things, early commitment takes players off the radar, not attending as many combines where rankings are judged are just a couple of things that could effect the amount of attention he receives such as his school not having a good record, coaching changes and not pushing their kids to the recruiting services.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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