Possible Reason Hardy & Moore Have Yet To Be On TNA TV?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2010

Could An Elaborate scheme be in play as to why Jeff Hardy,and Shannon Moore have yet to be on TNA TV,since re-signing with the promotion on January 4th(and no this has nothing to do with Hardy's drug indicting)?

Many have been wondering why Shannon Moore & Jeff Hardy have yet to be on TV,since re-signing with TNA. One reason Hardy may be off TV is do to his court case,however Moore's reasons for lack of TV time is unknown.

I believe TNA are brilliantly using Moore & Hardy to get Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms out of their WWE contracts,with the rumors of both requesting their release,and leaving after the Royal Rumble.

Matt Hardy has said several times on Twitter,since after January 4th that he, Jeff Hardy,and Shannon Moore have been hanging out lately(and have been for the last couple of weeks),and Matt has always been open about wanting to be close to Jeff. Rumors even say that Jeff Hardy himself wants Matt & Helms in TNA with him & Moore,which may play a big part in Matt & Helms final decision as to leaving WWE(if their request haven't been granted already).

Rumors also state that TNA is interested in forming an OMEGA stable with The Hardyz,Helms,and Moore as well. However TNA could just as easily bring in ratings with just Matt & Jeff alone. Rather even the biggest Hardy hater wants to admit it or not Matt & Jeff draw more together,than they ever could apart,and WWE knows this which may be what keeps Matt from his release being granted,with that being said Matt would more than likely wait until June,when his current contract with WWE expires,and then be able to sign with TNA the very next day.

The Hardys,Helms,and Moore could easily bring ratings to TNA with just the 4 of them,and TNA could do huge in merchandise sales thanks to the Hardyz as well.