Montreal Vs. New York Rangers

Patricia CookContributor IJanuary 25, 2010

Montreal Canadiens At New York Rangers tonight,

i'm going to write about the game, write all the goals, like who scored them, won or lose.

this is what i did to the World's juniors, i we;re going to write it down here, but i  don't have the note i wrote here with me right now, i'm i'll write it here so that you could see it,  Tell me what you think about it.

I love to watch hockey, sometimes i wish i was an coach for some hockey teams, it just sometimes feels like my advice would work. sometimes, it works.

when i watch hockey, i scream and say Pass And Play, that;s how you score. or go closer to the net,

And stuff like that, i'll be back Monday, tell about the game.

Montreal won, playing against the New jersey Devils,

Scott Gomez scored in the First Period (09:05 In 1st)

Mike Cammalerri score (02:35 in 2nd)

Michael Lapierre Scored (04:37 in 2nd)

Mike Cammalerri Scored the second one (06:17 in 2nd)

Here comes Beniot Pouliot Scored in the 2nd (10:59 in 2nd)

and the last one for Thomas Plekanec in the 3rd (09:28 in 3rd)


this was an good game, Jaroslav i guess made an shoutout. versus the Rangers.

Sean Avery Made The First Penalty of the Game, Which The Habs Had at the First Powerplay.