They Finally Lose

Sports Radio NY AM1240-WGBBContributor IJanuary 24, 2010

Surprise after, surprise after, surprise; now the New York Jets finally lose going against the Indianapolis Colts, 30-17.

Despite losing against the Colts, the Jets played a good game. The Jets had everything in their hands, but in the second half the Jets let everything go.

The Jets scored 17 points in the first half, but in the second half they weren’t able to score a touchdown.

Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, went 26-39 with 377 yards and three touchdowns.

Manning felt the pressure from the Jets defense, but was able to work around that problem with his strong offensive line.

Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, had two touchdowns with 257 yards. He went 17-30 with one interception.

Sanchez played well enough for the Jets to win, but slowed down during the second half.

The Jets running game wasn’t effective like the last two playoff games. Thomas Jones had 16 rushes with 42 yards and Shonn Greene had 10 rushes with 41 yards, but neither scored a touchdown.

The Jets defense was competitive, but Manning was more experienced and that was the key. Manning managed the game correct and didn’t make many turnovers.

Jet fans should be happy, because this wasn’t expected. Be happy for your team, because it could have been worse. A rookie head coach (Rex Ryan) and a rookie quarterback (Sanchez), and new defensive players; making the post-season wasn’t something many people expected.