Top Five Reasons: Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

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Top Five Reasons: Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

In 1993 I was ten years old and loved to watch and play the great game of baseball. My other hobby, in which I devoted all of my free time, was collecting baseball cards and memorabilia. My father, one day, took me to a card show to meet a surprise guest. That surprise guest was Pete Rose. Now by 1993 Pete Rose had already been banned from baseball for four years. He had also gone to prison for tax evasion for not paying taxes on, ironically, money he received for signing autographs. I had a brand new flame treated baseball bat that I wanted him to sign. As my father and I approached to have him sign my bat I heard a voice, which was Pete Rose, say to his agent “make sure they paid for a bat to be signed and not a picture”. I never forgot that encounter with him and how arrogant, snobby and downright rude he acted.
Now why did I tell you that story? Because that is who Pete Rose has been from his playing days up to this point. Arrogant is the word that sticks out the most about Mr. Rose. He was arrogant playing the game of baseball and arrogant after the whole “betting on baseball” fiasco some 21 years ago. Many believe that it is this personality of his that has kept him from getting a far shake at clearing his name. However, his recent interviews on ESPN Radio and other various media outlets over the past couple years show me a difference in his personality. I don’t know Mr. Rose personally, but from a far I see a man defeated and remorseful for throwing his legacy away. At 68 years old now, it seems to me, to be a man that is coming in to the last years of his life and clearing his name and being inducted into the Hall of Fame may be his final goal.
The hardest part of his case to prove is to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball (Bud Selig). If he were to get his name removed from the infamous “ineligibility list”, which he is the only member of, he would have the votes to get in. Many writers and HOF players support him entering baseballs ultimate achievement, so what’s the problem? Here are the top five reasons I believe Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.

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