Fine in Philly: So Far, So Good for the Flyers

Timothy WCorrespondent INovember 2, 2007

Icon Sports MediaThings have been good so far for the Philadelphia Flyers.

I was expecting a better performance than last year's, but this has been a pleasant surprise. "Back with a Vengeance" could not have been a more fitting motto for the season, as the Flyers seem to keep rolling along.

Beating Carolina was the first true test the Flyers have overcome so far this season. This is not only because Carolina has also played exceptionally well, but because they came back from behind and Gange stepped up and led his team the way he should and has been.

I can't help but wonder if Biron will be able to keep up his above-stellar play. Biron has finally been given a chance to show he is ready to be number one. Time will tell for Biron, as each game progresses, I feel like he really is ready to be the answer to the Flyers goalie curse.

I think that leadership and team chemistry is finally at a high, and the one thing that might hold them back is Biron.

But so far, so good.