Twenty20: the good the bad and the down right daft.

jake clarkeCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

The group stages has finally ended of the twenty20.
But are the rules for the twenty20 good for the fans?
Can they be altered to give the fans a better time?

For starters twenty20 has taken English cricket by storm. fans of all ages are getting into the swing of things and even bumbles classic " THAT'S HUUUGE!" catchphrase has taken off.
But I have experienced the bad side to the new game.

I went to Headingley to watch my team Yorkshire Carnegie V Leicestershire Foxes and I turned up in the normal twenty20 attire.This includes:

1.A silly hat of any sort.
2.Bermuda shorts
3.Bermuda shirt
4.Your teams cricket top under the shirt
This is a must even if it is belting it down as it was last night. But the rain was not the problem because if you don't see 9.5 overs you get a refund. It was the treatment from the stewards that I did not agree with. The game was cancelled at around 7.00pm and by 7.05pm the ground staff couldn't wait to get shut of us. People were having to walk out in the pouring rain, some miles down the road, to their buses and coaches which if we were allowed to wait would have come to us.

On a brighter note though we got a refund because no ball was bowled. I wonder though, if the rule where 'if rain stops play a draw will be given' was removed and the game was  rescheduled would it be better for fans? I think so.

Even brighter than that is Yorkshire are through to the last 8.

What do you think can improve the twenty20