Jeff Blair, I don't like the tittle of your baseball article.

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Jeff Blair, I don't like the tittle of your baseball article.

Yeah, let's introduce the Designated Hitter to the National League. Why don't we make American League Pitchers hit? Maybe that would lead to less brutal American League injuries. The American League has led the last ten seasons in injuries/players versus the National League. Could this be because the American League has the designated hitter who is usually old and crumbling down physically? The National League makes their pitchers, run, hit, and bunt and they play the game freely and as hard as possible. The National League as a result has wilder outcomes and generally wackier games while the American League reflects the steadfast beat of the Northeast, let's get 'er done and go home and get to sleep and do the traditional things that have been getting us through every year for decades.

I'm in Toronto becoming a Westerner. I just cannot believe that people from the central to east have become this way. I like the wide open west. Look at how teams like New Orleans and Arizona played in football. Just wide-open football. And everyone loved it.

So hey, let the American League Pitcher hit. Roy Halladay, the best pitcher in the major leagues the last seven seasons will now be forced to hit in the NL, what a dream. Santana now hits. Lowe now hits. It's not a big deal. It's good that baseball has variety because baseball has always been a very quirky game, and that's what keeps people interested: the quirks.

So hey, let's keep things the way they are which is an eastern way of doing things, but look at the predicted outcome, a wild wild wild west outcome. And that's something that'll keep satisfying the western-leaners in an eastern-leaning town like Toronto.

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