How Does Your Foot Taste???

Rich WilkinsonContributor IMarch 16, 2017

Elsa/Getty Images

Being a life long Viking fan I would be a liar if I were to tell you I've always loved Brett Favre.  That being said I've been saying for the longest time that the Vikings were a QB away from going far.  I believe my comments were right (just look at them now) but little did I know that QB would be Brett Favre.  It shocked me when it was finally made official.  The QB that has whipped my teams a** for years was now going to be the QB for my team.  Thank you Brett! Things have now come full most hated player is now my favorite player.  Funny how things work in life!

The last two off seasons we have heard Brett is coming back and then he's not I don't know how many times.  While Brett may be to blame for some of that...I believe the news media is more so.  They followed him around asking for news bites all the time.  I didn't see Brett calling for news conferences and what have you.  I compare this to Hurricane Katrina being mentioned every time the Saints are on television or SportsCenter.  Give me a break Media! That story has been played out every bit as much as the Favre retirement issue.

Now this year I've heard I don't know how many people say Brett is too old, he should just retire, the Vikings are going nowhere and I can't even count the additional negative things.  Well since the forty year old QB is now one game from the Superbowl so I ask all of you haters...How does your foot taste???