The Rock Returns to WWE This Summer: Who Will He Feud With?

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The Rock Returns to WWE This Summer: Who Will He Feud With?

This week, Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson stated that he would return to the WWE this summer, and that he was planning on returning as a guest host earlier this month but backed out of it at the last minute due to previous commitments in promoting his new film "Tooth Fairy."

The Rock did state that while he plans on returning to the WWE this summer, he probably wouldn't fight in a match. Yet it is also rumored that his WWE appearance would be more than just a one time guest-hosting gig:

"I've remained close with Vince McMahon over the years, but here's the key. It's not just to go back and host. I don't want to do that. I want to go back and host and do something special. I want to entertain the fans in ways they haven't been entertained in years."

Would this mean possibly The Rock getting into a feud lasting until Summer Slam? Most of The Rock's millions (and millions) would salivate at the great one coming back for what is arguably the second biggest pay-per-view for the WWE. (Not to mention how much McMahon and co. would salivate over it to.)

If there is a Rock match set for Summer Slam, the question is, who would he feud with? Many wrestlers would be a possibility, but which match would be the most intriguing matchup? Let's take a look.

Note: I know some of you will come up with "What about this guy" or anything like that, I'll explain. In figuring out who would be good opponents, I looked at certain factors, like who does Rock have history with (Triple-H, Undertaker, Jericho), what match up would bring in box office (HBK, John Cena, Undertaker, Jericho, Orton) what would be a good battle on the mic (Jericho, Cena, The Miz) a ceremonial passing of the torch (Orton, Cena, Miz), or a matchup that people would be shocked to know has never happened and can be billed as Legend vs. Icon a la 2005 Summer Slam (HBK, without HBK's comical overselling).

So, if you're upset at me leaving out Batista, well, um, I'm sorry, but, I'm biased and can't stand Dave Batista personally, not even when he was a face, so of course I'm going to leave him out. And if you think Sheamus vs. Rock would work, allow me to laugh at you!

And while I did consider other young guys like DiBiase, Rhodes, Kofi, and CM Punk, I just don't think Rock vs. any of those guys would have the same punch.

The only elite guy I really left off the list was Edge. Now, Edge is a favorite of mines but, for some reason I couldn't see him taking on The Rock.

Ok, if you haven't done so already, let's go on with the list.

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