Oakland A's Prospect Retires After a "Higher Calling"

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 22, 2010

Grant Desme seemed to be at peace:  The guy had just won the 2009 AFL MVP and was the A's top prospect.  Well, apparently, he wasn't.  " I wasn't at peace...[now,] after [the decision] I can say I am."

The prized Oakland prospect decided to retire today to pursue a higher calling.

"I was doing really good at baseball."  He said in an interview with MLB network.  "But I needed to get down to the bottom of things, what was good in my life, and what I wanted to do with my life."

What did he want to do with the rest of his life?

He wants to be a priest.

"Its selfish of me to do that [baseball] when I feel like G-d was calling me more."

"Billy [Beane, A's general manager] has been very supportive."

"I have no regrets."

Good luck outside of baseball, Grant...