When 2010 Really Begins

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When 2010 Really Begins

Note-Before I start,I've scrapped my women's wrestling secrets article,so don't expect anything there.I wasn't really feeling it...

In my honest opinion,2010 really began just this week.Why?Four things,

*Awesome Kong's possible release

*Alissa Flash's release

*Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne


*Smackdown's Mickie-Michelle-Layla-Maria promo

Let me explain each occurence and how it has made 2010 begin.

This week the wrestling universe received news that Awesome Kong sent in a notice for her release,and a few days later we found out that one of the best female wrestlers today,Alissa Flash,was released by the company.

Alissa Flash was expected to feud with Tara for her title as well as Aweosme Kong.They are the only two wrestlers on the TNA roster who were thought to be able to elevate the Knockouts to their former 'untouchable' status.

The possibility of elevation,thus,has been thrown out the window.Why a most-wanted woman in the world was jobbing left and right is beyond me,but now it's too late to reverse TNA's actions.

Although they're only two people,they changed the TNA roster drastically.With the new age of Hogan came the new age of the Knockouts.More proof of the new age is Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne.

The match in and of itself was below one minute,the span of a Diva's match.We will no longer be presented with trilogy's of 5-10 minute matches,at least that's what it seemed like.

If the time span was any indication,then the Knockouts won't be improving for some time.That right there is three huge blows to TNA.But in the seemingly black hole of this week came a shining light,Smackdown.

On this weeks Smackdown we were treated to a 10 minute segment between team Lay-Cool and Maria/Mickie James.Team Lay-Cool play their usual antics,until Maria comes out and 'puts them in their place'.

Maria came across aggressive instead of ditzy,or love-lost.Later Mickie comes out,also putting Lay-Cool in their place,saying that she and every other woman in the crowd are real women.Nice touch,WWE.

It all culminates when Mickie forearms Layla and a brawl ensues.What happens next is very impressive.Beth comes out,pauses for about five seconds between the two fights,and chooses to attack Maria/Mickie.

This was exquisitely well done.Beth holds Mickie down while Michelle shoves cake into Mickie's face,topping it off by pouring a bowl of punch over her.

A promo of this caliber for the Divas hasn't been seen since the days of Trish and Lita.Beth's pause adds an interesting dynamic to the whole thing,almost as if she's not sure who to side with.

As silly as Lay-Cool are,they play their characters well,and can switch from silly to serious in an instant,as shown in the promo.

Another un-Diva-y thing that night was seeing Serena get her head shaved bald,almost having an orgasm while doing it.

These two events signified that Smackdown is now the place to go for women's wrestling action.The writing is compelling,and the matches are decent.Now that we know where to go for women's action,2010 has really begun.

Can it survive?



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