Louisiana Tech's Future?

K O .Contributor IJanuary 22, 2010

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have been a member of the Western Athletic Conference since 2001. Now By joining the WAC was a good move from being an independent. Now with rumors that the Mountain West Conference would raid the WAC for Boise State, Nevada, and Fresno State, this could be a sign, for the Bulldogs to find an another conference to call home. Now with that being said, even if the raid doesn’t happen, Louisiana Tech still should consider moving to another conference, due to being geographically out of place in the WAC. Taking the economic situation of the nation in consideration; moving, would help with the cost of traveling for the school's athletic teams. Now the Sun Belt Conference, some would consider, would be a step down, but it would have its advantages. Louisiana Tech does have a rivalry with Louisiana Lafayette, and Louisiana Monroe. Also the Sun Belt Conference is expanding by adding the South Alabama Jaguars (* Note adding USA, football wise, they are already a member in other sports), (* Note, who is started a football team this past year, 2009), in 2011 (*Note 2011 and 2012 will be a trasitioning period), and will be full member in football in 2013,(* Note being a full member in football, South Alabama will be able to compete for the Sun Belt Conference Title, and be eligble for post season play). Another possible option for, Louisiana Tech is to join Conference USA. It is rumored that Conference USA could possibly loose East Carolina, Central Florida, and Marshall to the Big East, possibly, in 2012 or a few years after that. Sometime in the future, the Bulldogs will have to look for another conference, to call home. What are your thoughts?