Meet the Chicago Cubs: Derrek Lee

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 27, 2008

The Cubs are playing great baseball, and Derrek Lee is arguably the leader of the locker room.

He has been a Cub for a few years, has a Gold Glove under his belt, and has been a Triple Crown candidate as well as an All-Star multiple times.

But, if you delve deeper into his stats, you will find out what kind of player he really is.

He is extremely comfortable playing at Wrigley Field, batting .344 over the last three years, one of his best averages at any ballpark.

His home average is .344 compared to his away average of .298, a staggering difference that makes you think that he can get slightly rattled by away crowds.

Despite only having two more at bats at home than away, Lee has hit 45 home runs at home to just 31 away from Wrigley over the past three years.

This paints a picture of a player that has found a groove at Wrigley Field, and is ready to dominate there.

He loves to feed off the home energy that the perennially packed house that Wrigley Field brings to him.

This bodes well if the Cubs can get home field advantage throughout the playoffs and makes the All-Star game extremely important to him because of the Cubs World Series aspirations.

But what you can't measure is Lee's clubhouse impact. When he is on the field, the Cubs seem to just play better, and when he is in the clubhouse, everybody is more comfortable.

Derek Lee is more than just a great player, he is an important player to the Cubs World Series hopes.

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