Top 10 NBA Players on the Trading Block

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Top 10 NBA Players on the Trading Block
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The NBA trade deadline is four Thursdays away. With the upcoming studly free agent summer of 2010 looming and the pitiful state of the NBA economy, the trade season should be interesting.

Having said that (love Larry David), I am unsure how many trades will go down, if any at all. There will be plenty of talk, but with all of the question marks surrounding the league, many GM’s will be too scared to pull the trigger–no pun intended, Mr. Arenas.

Here is my list of the top ten (in no particular order) of players on the trading block.

  1. Carlos Boozer
  2.  His name has been out there for a few weeks, but I don’t think anything will actually pan out.

  3. Shaquille O’Neil
  4. Earlier in the season with the Cavs somewhat struggling, I would have said this trade was going to happen because of O’Neil’s huge contract coming off the books this summer and the Cavs looking to exchange him for somebody like Antawn Jamison or Troy Murphy. But, not now, as I think the Cavs will keep him for their playoff run.

  5. Amare Stoudemire
  6. He is a free agent this summer, and the Suns may part with him to get something in return before he jets elsewhere. However, the Suns are playoff bound, and I don’t see them getting rid of Stoudemire.

  7. Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, or any Wizard for that matter
  8. Wizards are on a fire sale. They will move anybody to cut payroll and we will see at least one move being made by them.

  9. Devin Harris
  10. Nets are talking of trading Harris because they assume they get John Wall in the draft. The Nets do know that the NBA has a lottery and it is NOT like the NFL, right? I mean, it isn’t a lock they will get Wall, just ask Pitino and all Celtic fans with Tim Duncan….

  11. Nate Robinson
  12. Speaking of the Celtics, I see where they are interested in Robinson. However, I dont see how a trade works out for the Knicks. Don’t see this happening.

  13. Chris Bosh
  14. There was talk previously about a Bosh-for-Bynum trade. Personally, I would have done it from both teams' perspective. Toronto gets something for Bosh (since it is 98 percent that he is leaving this summer), and by something, a young 7-footer who is having an All-Star caliber of a year.

  15. Tracy McGrady
  16. His gi-normous contract comes due this summer. Teams will want to get him just for the contract. Problem is the Rockets don’t want to take much back. I don’t see anything happening for T-Mac.

  17. Any of the Hornets not named Chris Paul
  18. The Hornets are looking to shed payroll. Somebody else will get traded on their team, just like Hilton Armstrong.

  19. Troy Murphy
  20. Likely destination is the Cavs, but only if the Cavs pass on Jamison of the Wizards. It could happen for Murphy, and time will only tell.

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