Mosley Was Forwarned Of The Plot to Rid Him Of FIA President.

James DunfordCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

Before the "Nazi style orgy" involving current FIA boss Max Mosley took place, Mosley had been for warned. He had been told by several different sources, at least three times, that their were people out there who wanted him out of the FIA.


Dean Attew, a  business intelligence consultant who was previously Friends with the boss of F1, Bernie Ecclestone told the times newspaper that he had personally warned max that people were out there to rid him of his job. "We had a meeting and I was approached and told there was an open budget to effectively go out and source material that would bring Max to his knees and, more importantly, remove him from office and discredit him publicly"

Max seemed to be fully aware of what could happen, and with something as high profile as this happening to (As Bernie said) "Mr Boring" could it be that Max was in on this, and that just maybe he would not mind leaving the FIA, or just that he wanted the money for suing?


Who knows, but i am sure there is an awful lot more to come from this story...