EURO 2008: Spain destroys Russia= Finals Confirmed

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

The Finals are all set. With their blowout victory against Russia Spain secured a spot in the finals against Germany.

You can summarize Russia and Spain's game like this: Russia tried but Spain was better and scored.

Maybe this taught Russia a lesson because this was their first semifinal game since they were Commies—maybe they should be Communists every four years.

I do have to say that Germany better be ready for Spain. Spain has many talented players like Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas that can lead an unbelievable side and definitely could beat Germany.

That's why Germany should practice more with their defence and practice some offensive strategies.

From what I have seen from Germany they do have the skills necessary to win a game and possibly beat Spain. It will just take plenty of practice and energy to beat Spain.

My prediction: a hard fought game to the bitter end but it will be a 2-1 victory for Spain. Germany would have tried their all but won't able to control the offence of Spain.

The Fanatic is done here but wait for more Euro 2008 action.