Shawn Chacon Really Hates His Boss

Steve MContributor IJune 27, 2008

Well if you haven't heard already, Shawn Chacon, the former hurler for the Houston Astros, was released by the team after performing his best choke-slam impression on Astros' GM Ed Wade.

The apparent scuffle arose in the team's dining room. Words were exchanged and soon enough, Wade was on his back receiving an Andre-the-Giant-esque choke-slam to the mat.

Chacon was initially suspended indefinitely after the altercation, but was quickly put on waivers and ready to be released if not grabbed by another club (*cough* Yankees!** cough*).

Almost half of Chacon's $2 million salary is in question after the random act of violence in the clubhouse.   

Now, if you are sitting at work, reading this thinking, "man I really hate my job," give Shawn Chacon a call, and he can give you some pointers on how to fix that problem.