Media Wins When Raiders Lose

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Media Wins When Raiders Lose

Ever wonder why the Raiders are the most hated sports team on the Planet? I have my theories, but I'm sure you'd only dismiss them as racist so why bother? The Raiders are also the most talked about 5-11 team in NFL history. (How's that for stats, BSPN?) The bottom line is that regardless of whether the Raiders are good or not, they're loyal fan base will follow and we should exploit that. We meaning the medium, of course. The Owners pull strings in this league, people like Lane Kiffin and Roger Goodell are puppets, much like George Bush. They do what they're told. I can imagine it goes something like this "keep those pesky Raiders out of the way, they're taking up all the fans." And hall of fame players too, if I must add.


So let me give you lame owners the recipe on how to acquire a loyal fan base without having to pay extra for good officiating.


1. Get good players. And pay them tons of money. Especially your favorites.

Every NFL player is secretly a Raider fan and would love to play for AL.


2. Fire lame Coaches.

Norv Turner, Lane kiffin and Tom Cable all have they same thing in common. They suck. (See Chargers)


3. Get some Black in you.

Aside from giving a coaching opportunity to the first Black coach, Al has never judged players with prejudice always allowing those with blemishes a second chance. He also had the the audacity to draft a Black QB 1st overall in the 2007 draft. Wow. Not to mention their primary color(and city in which they generally reside) are all Black... More to come



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