Shutup & Wait: Be Patient Chargers Fans Your Time Will Come

Jonas ChisolmContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

It's the coach, it's the running game, it's the play calling. No actually it's just simple. We've been outplayed and aren't ready for a run at a Superbowl...Yet

After the loss to the Jets once again Chargers fans are sickened and bitter...again.

Of course now it's time for the usual "I hate Norv" jive that is truly getting old. The man won thirteen games and is making a lot of headway with not only Phillip Rivers but the team as a whole.

Peyton Manning hadn't even reached a Superbowl until 2006. With a Hall of Fame coach. Yet fans are so impatient as to think a three year head coach should have a Superbowl cakewalk.

Thanks to our front office our team is chalk full of young talent and built for the long haul. We always have great drafts (except for 2007) and plenty of veteran support as well.

The scary part is Philip Rivers just keeps getting better (thanks to Norv) and so does Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates.

My message to all you San Diego Chargers fans that are as stunned and bitter as I am is simple and frank as possible.

Shut up & Wait.

Note: I'm sixteen and this is my first article. I had an opinion and wished to get it through as generally as possible. I wish to do this for a living one day so any advice or criticism I'm 100% open to it. Thank You and Enjoy