Rasheed Wallace: Villain Or Victim?

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IJanuary 20, 2010

Rasheed Wallace's NBA legacy will undoubtedly be defined by his passion, presence, and perpetual trouble with referees and the league's front office.

The technical foul penalty created several years ago is commonly referred to as the "Sheed rule".

On Wednesday Jan. 20, Rasheed Wallace was hit with yet another fine.  Stu Jackson, executive vice president of basketball operations publicly disclosed that Sheed's most recent financial penalty was set at $35,000 for criticizing a referee.

The league has been clear about it's willingness to fine players and coaches alike who speak out against its officials.  Sometimes, however, it seems players with a reputation for trouble and talking out take a larger hit when the decisions are doled out.

Rasheed has long contended that the NBA has used him as a scapegoat and that the image placed upon him by the league's front office is little more than a caricature of his Portland "Jailblazers" 2000-01 season where he earned 41 technical fouls in the regular season alone.

Is Sheed guilty of the offenses that he is frequently charged with?

Is Wallace a complainer who simply doesn't deal well with authority?

Or is it possible that the NBA treats Rasheed Wallace and other players that it cannot control with harsher and more frequent punishments than the league's poster children?

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